Climate illustrated

Support our work collecting climate stories

Support our work collecting climate stories
Your support helps uplift the voices of everyday climate heroes and those affected by climate change around the world.

Climate Illustrated is a climate communication and art project that truly believes in the power of people to affect social change.

If you enjoy our stories and art, we hope you would like to support our work. We made a profile on “Buy me a coffee” where you can donate money to support our work. You chooce how many “cups” you want to donate and every cup represent 5 USD. We would be so honored if you want to buy us a cup, and send some positive energy our way!

Our team has collected and published more than 100 personal climate change stories from around the world, and collaborated with more than 80 amazing artists who have volunteered to illustrate those stories.

We love doing this work, and in 2021 we want to increase our efforts to collect stories from frontlines communities, and bring about social change through stories and art. Your support can help make that possible.

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