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The future is down

The future is down
My family became displaced and we have been without clean water, healthcare and social amenities for about 4 years.

Nigeria is one country really feeling the impact of climate change. Lake Chad is shrinking and desertification is advancing rapidly. Repeated conflicts over control of the water remaining in the drying lake leads to regional insecurity (Boko Haram).

I am from Yobe state in the northern part of Nigeria, Lake Chad. I was directly affected by the crisis (sad story) and so was my family. We have become internally displaced people (IDP) and have been without clean water, healthcare and social amenities for about 4 years. I lost my dad and mom, blood brother and friends, as well as business. I have become vulnerable.

Conflicts between Nigerian herdsmen and farmers date back decades but, as climate change continues to drive herders south into Nigeria’s central farmland, they have escalated dramatically. The years-long battle over land between herdsmen from the Fulani people and farmers in the region, known as the Middle Belt, has increased. The root of the conflict lies in forced southern migration, owing to drought and displacement of herdsmen from their traditional grazing grounds, mostly in the northeast of Nigeria.

I lost everything in my life.

Story by MOHAMMED NUR Kachalla from Damaturu, Nigeria.

Art by Claudia Salgueiro @cs_salgueiro Claudia is an illustrator and designer working on mature and eco-friendly projects. Visit her website to learn more about her work.

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