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Do you want to share a personal story about climate change?

Do you want to share a personal story about climate change?
We would like to know how climate change impact you and your community, both physically and emotionally. What kind of losses do you experience and how do you deal with such losses?

We are eager to know more about how you came to care about climate change or got involved in sustainable action. Did you have an “aha moment” or have you been drawn towards social/environmental action?

To co-create a desirable future, we first need to imagine it. We would love to read about how a sustainable future looks like to you. When you think about the future you want to live in, how has your life been changed?

Guidelines for writing up your personal story:
  • Your story must be written in first person, like the start of this story: “I wonder how the world will look like in 10 or maybe 20 years from now.”
  • Your story builds on personal experiences, like this story where an Australian girl tells about how her meeting with wild kangaroos made her feel deeply disturbed by the Australian bushfires: “Only when you see kangaroos up close, close and free, do you get a true appreciation for their beauty. Usually the largest one would lock eyes with us, standing tall and strong, as if to say ‘you are welcome to stay where you are, just don’t come much closer’.”
  • Your story should convey deepfelt emotions, like this story about climate anxiety; “I sit there in all my anxiety, with all my love. I sit there to gather enough courage to continue demanding a liveable world for my future children.”
  • Your story should be no longer than 1500 characters/300 words.

To submit your story, write it down and send it to

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