Come with us on a creative climate journey!

Come with us on a creative climate journey!
Do you want to explore storytelling, dance, theater, and other art forms as a way to generate a positive impact in your communities?

With the support from the Erasmus+ program, One Resilient Earth and Climate Creativity will be offering a free online Learning Journey targeting Europe-based youth (18-30 years), while being open to participation of youth from around the globe.


Dare to be creative

We are living in the midst of a climate crisis. Devastating droughts, floods and fires are raging in Europe and around the world. The urgency of the crisis, combined with lack of political action, can easily lead to despair, powerlessness and apathy. That is why alternative narratives are so important. What if urgency means that there is only time for what matters most? Now, more than ever, we need young people to take a leap, be creative and dare to do things differently.

Why artivism?

The purpose of the learning journey is to create a safe space where we can explore ways to cultivate awareness and social change through art and storytelling, also known as artivism.

Artivism: The use of creative expression to cultivate awareness and social change

As young people are entering organizations and workplaces, many find themselves trapped in limiting mindsets, systems and structures. This learning journey provides students and young professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to co-create initiatives transforming universities, workplaces and communities. The journey is undertaken as a community to nurture resilience, creativity and wellbeing.


Through eight online workshops you get to learn about the impact of different art forms in fostering effective climate action, and will have an opportunity to practice with theatre, dance, music, drawing and storytelling. Becoming a Climate Artivist is a personal and collective journey where we will explore:

  • the potential of arts in climate activism and climate work
  • how telling better stories about global heating can change everything, and what you need to know to become a compelling storyteller
  • why engaging with our emotions associated with the climate emergency is key to climate resilience, transformation and regeneration
  • how the arts can help us cope with, prepare for and prevent some of the unavoidable impacts of climate change
  • what people will tell you to dismiss the arts/creativity and how to counter it;
  • how the arts can shift perspectives to achieve political objectives when everything else failed
  • how to unleash empathy, imagination and creativity to facilitate transformation at work when everything seems blocked

The workshops will take place online, every other week from Tuesday 16 January to Tuesday 23 April, from 5 to 7pm CET.

Is the journey for you?

The Learning Journey is open to all young people of 18-30 years of age, who are curious about climate change. We welcome (aspiring) artists, creatives, climate activists, young sustainability professionals, as well as youth who have not been involved in climate action in the past but want to learn more. This Learning Journey will particularly speak to you if:

  • You wish to work with the arts as a channel for transformation, and are willing to explore your own creativity through various artistic expressions
  • You wish to address the root causes of the deeper ecological crisis we are entangled in
  • You feel the need to address climate injustice, environmental racism, colonial continuities, and flawed developmental paradigms
  • You understand that self-care is community care, and vice versa, and value all living beings or ‘the more-than-human world’
  • You need community, either locally or transnationally, and are wiling to engage with respect for all, and humility
  • You are ready to play, be vulnerable, un-learn, re-learn, share, and support others to grow


Get involved

The co-design process starts in the beginning of October, and would love to hear from you if you want to take part as a designer.

We are also looking for communications partners (youth organizations and organizations working with youth, art and/or climate change). Reach out to get involved!



Throughout the learning journey, we will gather at ‘We Are One Resilient Earth’, a dedicated online community platform to facilitate exchanges, foster collaborations and reflection. Stories and insights from the learning journey will be shared with a global audience through conferences and via social media.

Cover illustration by Carolina Altavilla

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