About us

We create to transform the world and shape a sustainable future.

Climate Creativity is a non-profit company located in Oslo, Norway. Our team work to create awereness and engagement about climate change, sustainability, and storytelling through workshops, talks, and communication.

We have facilitated workshops at the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth in Glasgow, and at universities and schools in Norway, Canada and the US. We also work with universities and other science institutions on communicating climate science in innovative and creative ways.

In order to co-create a sustainable future, we must first train our capacity to imagine desirable futures and recognize our potential to take part in shaping the future we want by speaking up and acting on our values. Climate Creativity‘s work is driven by joy and our desire for justice and community.

We need more we-feeling, a German girl wrote on her Climate Card. A woman from Peru told us that sharing her story through Climate Illustrated helped her feel more part of the planet. That’s the feeling we work to spread. By sharing each other’s ideas and stories, we try to create a feeling of community and togetherness in this effort. Join us in our mission by making a climate card or sharing your climate story!

Our team

Marte Skaara is our Co-founder and Creative Director. Marte lives in Oslo and has been engaged in climate change actions for about ten years through her many initiatives. She holds degrees in journalism, human geography, meteorology and oceanography. Marte has previously worked on climate change adaptation, the SDGs and communication at the UNFCCC and The Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development. She is also a part-time farmer tending to critical endangered cultural landscapes on the west coast of Norway.

Contact: marte@climateillustrated.com

Heidi Arctander is our Co-founder and Education Advisor. Heidi manages educational projects related to climate, art, and storytelling. Heidi is a human geographer, and her work focuses on education, agency, empowerment, and climate change. She works part-time as a geography teacher and with cCHANGE on projects related to education for sustainability in Norway and Europe.

Contact: climatecreativity@gmail.com

Whitney Paige Richardson is a founding board member of Climate Creativity. Whitney is a social-environmental justice steward making use of her cross-functional background to catalyze change, support movements and resolve the climate crisis and intertwined social-ecological crises. She does this through donor organizing, policy making and advising, applied research, writing, earth jurisprudence and social practice art.

Contact: whitney@climateillustrated.com

Michaela Koke is our Outreach Director and Co-founder of our project Climate Illustrated. Michaela studied environmental law and policy, and is now working in climate philanthropy in San Francisco, California. She grew up all over the West Coast of the US, but calls Seattle her childhood home.

Contact: michaela@climateillustrated.com

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